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Levile Hotlist 2023: The Glimpse into UK's Creative Future

Explore the unfolding stories of gifted individuals moulding the future of the UK's creative landscape with their unique contributions.


Welcome to the Hotlist! We at Levile have put together a list of some of the hottest talents in the UK to shine a light on the amazing work they’ve been doing. We love to see these creative legends paving their way through this industry and we love the positive examples they’re leaving on their way. We’re beyond proud.


There’s a thrilling rhythm to Adjani Salmon, a filmmaker from Jamaica, who currently lives in the UK. He describes himself as a storyteller, engaging in the visual medium at every level - from show running to writing to directing- and he describes this as similar to conducting music, where he treats his films as symphonies of moving instruments that he is bringing together neatly.

His BBC three web comedy, ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’, was nominated for an Emmy award in 2022 and it was picked up by the renowned production company A24.

Despite his accolades, Salmon loves to remain close to his roots, typing up his Instagram captions in full patois and referencing his home country whenever he has the opportunity too.

It’s beautiful to see the growing success of someone who abides by their roots so firmly. Adjani has also won awards from Soho House, BAFTA, Bolton International Film Festival and others.


Nikki Fagbemi is a polymath.

She started acting at the age of 15 and began writing during the pandemic. She starred in her first TV role in 2015 on a show called ‘Banana’- an award-winning Russell T Davies production. She was proud to play the role of Zara, a young Nigerian girl, because this allowed her to pay homage to her cultural heritage. She described it as a blessing from God and it looks like she was right because her early stardom proved she was destined for greatness.

Nikki’s first ever script, ‘Why Me?’, is an emotive joyride about sickle-cell anaemia. She wants her audience to laugh and cry whilst watching it. This short film was picked up by Sky Studios and DBK Studios for ‘Unearthed Narratives’, a series that will celebrate diverse UK talent. It looks like everything Nikki puts her hand to turns to gold!


There is no limit to the talent of Ola Orebiyi. The actor has starred in films such as Limbo, Cherry and a Brixton Tale. One of his most exciting roles yet is on the TV show Riches which screened on ITV in December 2022. The TV drama has been described as unlike anything else on TV and Ola made headlines after its release when it was revealed that he had only been fired a few months before landing the role.

He’s a beacon of positivity, who is always searching for light in every situation. This is a message that he shows boldly through his clothing brand, ‘Gifted’, which is inspired by his faith.

It makes sense that this means so much to him since it was a church nativity play, where he played Joseph, that convinced his mum to support his acting career. It’s been onwards and upwards for him since then.


Qoy can only be described as a bright beam of energy. She started creating her own content in 2019 and has launched two of her own shows since then: ‘The Fashion Safe Space’ and ‘The Safe Space Show’. These are both hilarious talk shows where no topic is off limits and they’re incredibly entertaining. She loves to invite fun and engaging guests like Mimi the Music Blogger, the 90’s baby podcast and Chuckie online. You’ll often find her and her guests diving into relatable conversations that explore the Black British experience, but you’ll probably hear her cackling too as she loves to laugh!

She’s become a master of her craft during her time working on these projects. She's regularly invited onto spaces like BBC Radio London and the HC podcast.


Tayo Oguntonade is the next best thing in the world of TV presenting. He began creating content with his wife through their online platform, ‘Bricks With Tipz’. A completely original space to teach people about home ownership in an accessible way. The show was commissioned for 2 seasons, kicking off his career with a blast.

He’s regularly invited onto Channel 4 to give his expert advice and whenever he appears, his presence is welcome because he’s always friendly and informative.

These qualities have helped him to stay ahead of the curve in the content creation space. He’s always wondering what his next move is. For Tayo, it’s always important that his content reflects his everyday life because authenticity is key.


Kaylee Golding- also known as ‘your fave girl from Brum’- is a star who loves to bring good vibes and positivity wherever she is. She's most well-known as a radio presenter and a DJ. She has her own show on Kiss FM on weekends from 1-4pm as well as on Hits Radio from 2-7pm on weekdays. Showcasing her best and most exuberant self is always her goal. This is her way of uplifting her audience, giving them joy and smiles throughout their day.

Before working front and centre on radio, Kaylee worked in radio producing for many years. Moving into presenting was an exciting step for her because it allowed her to see how far black music had grown in the mainstream. This is something that she wants to see more of so she’s always highlighting the best black talent in her sets.


Billy The Goat is a hilarious gem. Sometimes he’s cracking jokes on his podcast, sometimes he’s trying out unbelievable pick-up lines for dating shows, sometimes he’s directing funny social media skits and sometimes he’s trying his hand at rapping in mock freestyles with his friends. Whatever he’s doing though, you just know that Billy is going to make you cry with laughter.

The Ireland born, Nigerian Mancunian prides himself on always being his authentic self. He speaks without a filter and he flourishes as a result. His podcast- the M1 podcast- was selected by HypeBeast as one of the best of 2022. This platform is sponsored by the clothing brand, Benjart.

He hopes that through his unashamed honesty, he can inspire people to live more carefree rather than worrying about what others think and he’s passionate about making space for his generation to shine as he does.


Janvier Wete is a pioneer. He spent his young adult years directing his own short films and sought to create a platform for artists like himself to independently showcase their works.

He decided to create ‘Minute Shorts': a streaming platform which showcases a diverse array of short films. He confidently boasts that you can access his platform anywhere from cruise ships to ferries to smart TVs. His organization is nothing short of a gift to the world because short films have never been as accessible as this.

He’s been trailblazing in this mission of accessibility and he’s always looking for exciting ways to do more. He recently partnered with WoloTV to showcase Black Brazilian short films, shining a light on a scene that deserves more attention.

As time goes on, Janvier cements himself as a vital part of the film world. Vogue wrote about the necessity of his platform recently and they’re not wrong. We’re excited to see what he does next!


Ife Ogunjobi breathes music. This trumpeter grew up in a musical household where he was always surrounded by the sounds of Fela Kuti and Wizkid. He went on to play in jazz collectives like Kinetika Bloco and Tomorrow’s Warrior’s from an early age. This shaped him to become one of the most dynamic talents of his scene.

He plays with Ezra Collective, a jazz-fusion band who are known for their carnival-like concerts. Ife has been touring the world with them since 2019 but he has stacked up an impressive repertoire by himself too. This includes Kano, Wizkid, Burna Boy, D Double E, The Compozers and Juls amongst many others.

His ability to improvise means that he brings his own flavour and personality wherever he is. He calls upon influences like Miles Davis and Skepta respectively to create his own style.

He sometimes DJs too. His last played at Jumbi Peckham in December 2022.


Stafi Samaki is a bundle of joy. The 23-year old South Londoner uses her curious persona and infectious smile to host her online platform ‘Black in Britain’. She brings her audience an exciting taste of Britain’s arts and culture, exploring everything from exhibitions and events to television shows and music. Sometimes she even tries her hand at cooking! For Stafi, this is all natural- a free expression of her boisterous character- but for her audience, her page is a radiant example of black British joy, which they can’t get enough of.

Stafi's work has led her into archiving Black British artefacts and memorabilia. She's been travelling across the country to collect important pieces that are too important to lose to history. She’s always on a quest!

As if this wasn’t enough, she works in casting for film and television and as a professional photographer.



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